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Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 Funnier when originally posted 11/24/2003

Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 Thousands of Lord of the Rings fanatics were pleasantly surprised on Tuesday when they viewed what they thought would be the latest installment of the hit movies on DVD. Instead of seeing 40 extra minutes of the Two Towers, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 the viewers were treated to something they didn’t expect to see for another month.

Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 New Line Cinema is urgently trying to recall about one hundred thousand copies of its hit DVD – “The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers – Extended Edition”. The DVD’s in question were actually copied using the master DVD of the movie – “The Lord of the Rings – Return of the King – Extended Edition”. Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 Return of the King is due to be released in theaters December 17th.

Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 All three Lord of the Rings movies were filmed at the same time, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 with only special effects and editing being performed to the movies while the first installment was in the theaters.

Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 To minimize the production cost of the DVD’s, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 New Line Productions decided to burn the Return of the King DVD’s at the same time as the Two Towers DVD’s. Do to a production mishap at one of the facilities; a large number of the DVD’s were created using the Return of the King master and the Two Towers artwork.

Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 Not all viewers were happy about the mix up. Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 The mistake was not discovered until last night, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 when an upset fan Tim M., biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 complained that he had received the wrong movie. Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 Tim speaking to EGI from the comic book store that he manages in Missouri, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 told EGI, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 “I had been planning a party for my friends where we would all watch the movie together. Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 Can you imagine their reaction if I put in Return of the King instead of Two Towers. Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 I’m just glad I previewed the disk.”

Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 An executive at New Line Cinema told EGI, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 “This mixup is both distressing and costly. Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 It is bad enough when users can download poorly made copies of the movie as soon as it is released in theaters. Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 Now we have a case where thousands of perfect copies are floating around.”

Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 The executive went on to say, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 “Naturally, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 once the mistake was discovered, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 we bit the finger off of the courier and threw the production manager into Mt. Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 St. Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 Helens along with a copy of the ill fated disk.”

Biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 If you have a copy of the Return of the King, biaxin 250mg pills $299.00 New Line Productions is offering a complete refund and a free copy of the Two Towers DVD.

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