Terrorist Group claims Responsibility
for Additional Natural Occurrences

Arabs, Austrians, Asians, Australians, and Aliens Joint Jihad Against America (AAAAAJJAA) has added to their claims that two recent Meteorite impacts were actual attacks against America. The group is now claiming that recent hail storms are further proof that they possess the technology to use Mother Nature against the “Evils of America and it’s accomplices.”

Over Memorial Day Weekend, massive storms hit the Midwest, including baseball size hail near Kansas City Missouri. The AAAAAJJAA is claiming that this was just the first in a series of planned attacks.

The group did not claim responsibility for this attack until they had successful hit President Bush’s home state of Texas on June 22.

Strong winds and hail the size of baseballs pounded the Texas Panhandle, knocking out almost all of the windows on one end of a six-story hospital in Amarillo. One patient was injured by flying glass.

“It blew out the lobby. The windows are shattered. They blew in on the patients,” said Mary Barlow, a spokeswoman for Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospital. “It is horrible that these Terrorists would target a hospital.”

Barlow said the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit was hit and about a dozen babies were doing fine after being moved to the newborn nursery.

“One patient had a gash to his leg from flying glass,” Barlow said.

Homes and vehicles in Amarillo were damaged by hail up to baseball size, and there were reports of damage at car lots as well as flooding at some underpasses.

Other storms hit West Texas, where trees were knocked down in San Saba County.

A spokesperson for AAAAAJJAA told EGI, “We want people to know that we can hit them no matter where they are. No one who supports America should consider themselves safe.”