Second DVD Scandal Uncovered

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar animation are backpedaling after it was discovered that almost 50 percent of the DVD’s for Finding Nemo were recorded over the top of less successful DVD’s as a money saving move. This scandal follows the recent news that The Lord of the Rings – Return of the King was accidentally placed on a number of Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers DVD’s.

The Finding Nemo scandal is more of a public relations nightmare for Disney and Pixar than the Return of the Kings scandal was for New Line Cinema because of the likelihood that a child will accidentally view the remnants of the other movie after the ending credits.

Barb Burkowitz, a mother of 3 in Rochester, NY, told EGI, – “We buy these movies so that we can place our kids in front of the TV for a few hours and not worry about what they are watching. I turned on Finding Nemo for my kids, only to check on them 2 hours later to find them watching Gigli of all things. If Disney had used old porn flicks, I would understand, but how are you supposed to explain something like [[expletives deleted]] Gigli to your children. I was [[expletives deleted]] at the [[expletives deleted]] Disney and [[expletives deleted]] Pixar. Those [[expletives deleted]].”

Walter (last name omitted), an executive at Disney told EGI that Disney was informed ahead of time that old DVD’s were being used by one of the production companies. He said he was personally unaware of the practice, claiming that he thought it was not even possible to record over the top of an existing DVD.

If you have a copy of the Finding Nemo that was recorded over the top of Gigli or some other offensive movie, Disney is offering a complete refund and a free copy of the Finding Nemo recorded on a fresh DVD.