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Imodium 2mg pills $97.00 The rule: post the first sentence of the first post for each month.

  • January: Keep Gaming ( has a unique way of keeping their prices down — they bill your credit card but never actually ship you what you ordered.
  • February: XKCD is the one web comic I read every week
  • March:
    the_difference.png…for Hofer’s [the third option is]…

    Imodium 2mg pills $97.00 “Hey Mike, imodium 2mg pills $97.00 go pull that lever”

  • April: A Bee, imodium 2mg pills $97.00 see Dee, imodium 2mg pills $97.00 EEEEEEEEEEE!
  • May: Why do smokers think that the world is their ashtray?
  • June: I got carded yet again.
  • July: EGI News has just learned that Galactic Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) has added humans to their Endangered Species List. Imodium 2mg pills $97.00 (EGI Archives)
  • August: Who Needs Love [Like That] (Erasure)
  • September: The hotly debated Kyoto pact has yet to be ratified by enough members of the United Nations. Imodium 2mg pills $97.00 (EGI Archives)
  • October: You have a real thirst for bliss, imodium 2mg pills $97.00 and you consider yourself a true hedonist.
  • November: I left my iPod on the charger at home, imodium 2mg pills $97.00 so here is a special Friday iTunes Random 10+1.
  • December: Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar animation are backpedaling after it was discovered that almost 50 percent of the DVD’s for Finding Nemo were recorded over the top of less successful DVD’s as a money saving move. Imodium 2mg pills $97.00 (EGI Archives)

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