Truth about animal friendly products

(Gil Le Bell on assignment in Brazil)

A number of companies are now marketing products that they claim have never been tested on animals. The products include a range of hair care products, such as shampoo and conditioner, as well as other personal hygiene items such as deodorant. The companies are hoping to appear environmentally conscious and PETA friendly with the “never been tested on animals” labeling.

Adequate testing is required before the FDA and USDA will allows these products to be marketed in the United States. EGI reporter Gil Le Bell has learned first hand the frightening truth about how these companies are complying with the federal guidelines without using animals to test their products.

While vacationing in Brazil earlier this month, Gil replied to a classified ad looking for Girl Scouts seeking money. Disguised in a brownie uniform, Gil was hired to work as a human lab rat. The sadistic testers proceeded to rub deodorant in his eyes and spray hair spray into his mouth. Next they gave him a number of paper cuts and made him wash his hair, rinse, condition, rinse, and repeat.

The testing lasted nearly 10 hours, for which Gil was paid the equivalent of $0.35 US. The picture at the right shows the effect that the testing had on Gil’s face.

PETA presented EGI with a statement saying “…although PETA does not condone the testing using Brazilian Girl Scouts, their treatment is much better than that which the lab animals receive when undergoing similar testing. It is better that a few hundred people suffer, rather than 1 animal.”

This report was filed from the Brazilian hospital where Gil is recovering from the ordeal.