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Zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 MGM Mirage officials have informed EGI that Siegfried and Roy have asked to be fed to their tigers upon their deaths.  This revelation was revealed shortly before Roy Horn underwent surgery at the University Medical Center.

Zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 Roy Horn was bitten in the neck and dragged off stage by one of his tigers earlier this month during a performance.  The 7 year old, zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 600-pound white tiger named Montecore attacked Horn midway through a performance at the Mirage.  Fearing that the performer was in danger of dieing in surgery, zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 MGM Mirage revealed Roy Horn’s last wishes; that he be used as feed for his white tigers.

Zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 Costar of the act, zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 Siegfried Fischbacher is said to have the same clause in his will.  The two performers believe that this is the best way to give back to the tigers that have provided them with so much fame and success.

Zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 In the wild, zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 the White Tigers attack natives on a regular basis.  Humans have secretly been used to feed the performing animals since the mid-eighties.  The tigers have acquired a taste for human flesh, zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 so the Mirage has been buying cadavers from the University Hospital for years.

Zebeta 10mg pills $83.00 Siegfried and Roy signed a lifetime contract with the Mirage in 2001.  Few knew that part of the contract included the “Final Feeding” clause.

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