German’s Comply With WWII Pact

BERLIN, Germany (Reuters) — Germany’s cash-strapped government is paying 225,000 euros (U.S. $285,200) to build a tunnel to help frogs avoid the perils of a busy road, officials said Monday.

Ruediger Zech, a local council spokesman in the Berlin district of Reinickendorf, said the project would allow native varieties of toads, frogs and other amphibians to reach a nearby lake safely when they spawn in the spring. Previously the creatures had been carried across the road in buckets by volunteers from nature protection groups.

EGI has learned that in 1938, a group of frogs allied themselves with the German government against the French. In the agreement, the frogs would gather intelligence information that would aid the Germans in there invasion of France. In exchange the Germans agreed to protect the frogs from being eaten by the French.

Hans Kermit, a spokesfrog told EGI, “Our people had no idea what the Nazi’s were up to. All we knew was that thousands of our race were being systematically killed and eaten by the French. To this day, these atrocities continue. Unlike Cows who are given jobs, frogs are kept in a state of poverty until they are eventually slaughtered and eaten.”

Kermit went on to say, “Throughout the past 60 plus years the Frog and German governments have been on good terms. We are grateful that the Germans have kept their promise to protect our people.”

An anonymous German spokesperson replied, “German’s are a trustworthy people. When we commit to something, we see it through to the end. Our country’s monetary woes are of less concern that our character. America should take a page from us.”