Volcano Death Cover-ups

SURABAYA, Indonesia – Indonesian Officials are reporting that two volcanoes in Indonesia spewed rocks and ash high into the air Tuesday, killing two tourists and forcing the evacuation of 20,000 people. Police said a Singaporean man and an Indonesian were killed when Mount Bromo, a popular tourist destination in East Java province, hurled rocks the size of footballs. Five other Indonesians were badly injured, police said. EGI has learned that although the tourists died at the Volcano, rocks were not responsible for their deaths.

EGI has learned that a recent influx of Volcanoraptors (Volcanus Raptorus) into the area has the authorities on high alert. Volcanoraptors were recently discovered at the volcano on White Island in the Bay of Plenty, east of Auckland, New Zealand. Since that time, other Volcanoraptors have been found at various volcanos throughout the south Pacific.

Paleontologist Dr. Justin Bengalis was the first to classify the new breed of dinosaur. “In the first pictures, I thought we were looking at a Flinstoneous Raptorus, but additional observation have shown that the dinosaur is completely new breed. The Volcanus Raptorus has a slightly rounder face than the Flinstoneous Raptorus and a shorter tail.”

Dr. Bengalis went on to say, “So far all we know about these creatures is that they are highly resistant to heat, sulphur and acid. And of course that they are vicious meat eaters. We actually witnessed the dinosaur on White Island attacking a tourist. The morbid curiosity got the best of us.”

Indonesia sits astride the geologically active Pacific “ring of fire.” It has more than 100 active volcanoes. It is now believed that over half of these are home to the deadly Volcanoraptor. The dinosaurs hunting activity appears tied to volcanic activity. As the volcanoes become more active, the Volcanoraptor’s appetite seems to grow.

Mount Awu on Sangihe island, 1,400 miles northeast of Jakarta, began spewing ash last week and authorities put residents living on the island near the Philippines on the highest level of alert Monday.

As many as 20,000 people have been evacuated. The island’s population was unclear. There are a number of islands nearby, although many are uninhabited.

“There is a lot of smoke coming out, and there are indications that it will erupt, [increasing the dinosaur activity]” said Samuel Dalompha, an official of the Directorate of Volcanology based on the island, part of North Sulawesi province and site of the 4,330-foot volcano.

More than 80 percent of residents in the danger zone on the island had been evacuated, but some men had stayed to guard their villages, officials added.

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