Grandpa’s Groaners

A lot of people don’t understand how obscenely popular mayonnaise is in Mexico. It is used in so many traditional dishes and is so ingrained in the culture that is has become somewhat of a culinary icon. Before the Mexicans learned how to make it themselves, mayonnaise was imported from France. In fact, the largest shipment ever was placed in the cargo hold of the Titanic. Mexicans everywhere morn the loss of that shipment, with their Sinko-de-mayo celebration.

© Frank Hofer Sr. a.k.a Grandpa.

Libra: Invite a Sagittarius out for Mexican food today and possibly margaritas. If you go, recommend they eat beef or shrimp dishes.  Hole in the wall Mexican is your best bet.  The Hubble Space telescope in your constellation implies you should avoid chain restaurants like Chevy’s and any place that doesn’t make their own Guacamole.

Hockey Predictions – Redux

I went 1 for 4 in round two of the hockey playoffs. The quarter only did slightly better, going 2 for 4. Interestingly, the one series I picked was one of the two the quarter missed.

For the 3rd round, I’ll hold my nose and take the Stars over Wings. I’ll take the Penguins over Philli. The most likely and worst possible outcome would be Detroit playing Philli in the finals, so that is probably what will happen.

Sagittarius: Someone will try to convince you to go out for Mexican food today and possibly margaritas. If you go, eat chicken or pork. The location of Mars indicates you should avoid beef and shrimp dishes.