Political Emails

Subject: Fw: Confusion in Denmark

“We in Denmark cannot figure out why you are even bothering to hold an election in the US. On one side, you have a bitch who is a lawyer, married to a lawyer, running against a lawyer who is married to a bitch who is a lawyer. On the other side, you have a war hero married to a good looking woman with big tits who owns a beer distributorship. Is there really a contest here? “

Subject: Re: Fw: Confusion in Denmark

Now THAT is how you frame an issue.  But need I remind you that many assumed that with GWs ties to big oil, gas prices would drop during his administration.  Do you really want to risk beer prices going to $120 a half barrel?

Subject: Re: Re: Fw: Confusion in Denmark

Ewww,  good point.  But it may also mean that we invade Germany.

Best Headline

via Yet Another Web Site: Great tits cope well with warming.

I never would have suspected there would be a problem.  That’s what Bikinis are for.  What? It’s a kind of bird? Oh, never mind then.  🙂

Friday – iPod Random 10
and horoscopes

  1. Sacred (Depeche Mode)
  2. Torture (Cure)
  3. Chains of Love (Erasure)
  4. Somebody (Depeche Mode)
  5. Inside Out (Mighty Lemon Drops)
  6. Somebody’s Baby (Phantom Planet)
  7. Burn For You (INXS)
  8. Darling One (Replacements)
  9. Werewolves Of London (Warren Zevon)
  10. Rock ‘N’ Roll Ghost (Replacements)

Libra: You’ve been wanting to try something new. This weekend is NOT the time to do it.

Sagittarius: Consider planting a vegetable garden this summer. At the very least, plant some herbs.

Pisces: Yet another weekend of gaming in your future. Don’t drink so much caffeine this time and you may actually get some sleep.

Scorpio: Take that special someone out for either Cajun or Indian food this weekend. THEN brush your teeth. A LOT.

Aquarius: Things are still looking dim but not as bad as Gemini. Possibly better next week as the moon face increases.

Gemini: Don’t even bother getting out of bed. Yes, it’s that bad.

Capricorn: Treat yourself to some frozen custard, but don’t go overboard. You may want to walk there to burn off some of the calories.

Taurus: No one believes you, and rightly so. Try telling the truth once in a while.

Leo: Didn’t we already talk about your bad habits in public. Keep working on it.

Cancer: Your significant other knows about the other person you’ve been looking at. Either go for it or forget it. You’re not doing anyone any favors.

Aries: Don’t get pissed at me, but try to control your temper.

Virgo: Loosen up a little.  You are taking life WAY too seriously