Homosexual Strategists Plot to Destroy Marriage

San Francisco, CA — EGI has learned of a secret plan by Homosexuals to destroy the institution of marriage as part of an ongoing plan to convert heterosexuals to homosexuality.

The Traditional Values Coalition reported last week those Homosexual strategists are plotting to destroy marriage. The following is an excerpt from the Traditional Values Coalition spokesperson Reverend Lou Sheldon.

The legalization of same-sex marriage will destroy traditional marriage and open up our culture to a wide range of other sexually deviant lifestyles. The Weekly Standard’s Stanley Kurtz wrote a detailed article on how same-sex marriage is undermining traditional marriage and morality in Scandinavian countries. Every Member of Congress and other policy leaders should read this article and do whatever is necessary to prohibit the legalization of homosexual marriage in America.

The truth is that homosexuals do not really want the “right” to marry. Many of their strategists have openly admitted that their real goal is to destroy marriage altogether and usher in a new sexual ethic in America that will permit every kind of sexual partnership, including group sex as “marriage.”

EGI met with an anonymous Homosexual strategist to get their side of the story and fill in missing details. The transcript of the interview follows: Continue reading