Book Review – Part 1

Last year for our vacation we visited Mrs. Mosquito Eaters sister in Chicago.  As we were sitting in her house one day, she handed me a book on Chicago Architecture that had lots of old photos of famous Chicago buildings and a smattering of history.  My immediate thought was, wow, I wish I had one of these for St. Louis.

Fast forward to today, when what should I find on my desk at work, but a shiny new copy of  Historic Photos Of St. Louis .

I’ve only just thumbed through it, but I like what I see so far; lots of old black and white photos of St. Louis with a smattering of historical context. I’ll bring it home tonight, and let the larvae read it over and give there impressions as well.

Monday Mosquito Eater

Here is one from Flickr.  The person who took it was told it was a Mosquito Eater, but I think the consensus is that he got bad information.


Nice looking bug though.

Monday Mosquito Eater

It turns out that the term Mosquito Eater can be used for not only the “Mosquito Hawk” but for other items as well.

This week’s Monday Mosquito Eater comes from Husky Musher.  It is a carnivorous plant.


Friday – iPod Random 10 + 1 (with annotations)

  1. Think About Me (The Tubes)*
  2. Very First Lie (Material Issue)**
  3. Burn For You (INXS)
  4. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
  5. Somebody Told Me (Killers)
  6. Mediate (INXS)
  7. Pure Energy (Information Society)***
  8. Dim (Dada)
  9. Theme from Flood (They Might Be Giants)
  10. Capital Letters (Ned’s Atomic Dustbin)****
  11. I Won’t (Replacements)**

Artist Introduced By:
* Brother Rick
** Brother Joe
*** Brother John
**** Brother Mike

  • New Feature coming Monday: The Monday Mosquito Eater.
  • Brother Joe may have introduced to INXS’ music.  If so, Joe completely dominated the Friday iPod Competition this week.  After previous weeks of dominating, Brother Mike had a very pedestrian performance.

And I thought I knew the Simpsons

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