Monday Mosquito Eater

It turns out that the term Mosquito Eater can be used for not only the “Mosquito Hawk” but for other items as well.

This week’s Monday Mosquito Eater comes from Husky Musher.  It is a carnivorous plant.


3 thoughts on “Monday Mosquito Eater”

  1. That looks distinctly like a Pinguicula caerulea. I should know. I used to have a pot full of ’em. This particular species is native to North America but they’re found all over the world. They have beautiful flowers, and in some places in Scandinavia they use an enzyme from the leaves to make cheese. They just take the leaves and swirl them in a container of milk and the liquid from the leaves does the rest.

  2. Yes, they’re found in places with very nutrient-poor soil. Most are bog plants (like the one above) but a few are found in pretty dry areas. Funny you should mention that, though, because there are some bromeliads that were recently assumed to be insectivorous but I think the consensus now is they’re not.

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