Cynthia’s New Title

My state representative, Cynthia Davis has a new title.  Hence forth she will be known as the psycho whack job anti-science global warming denialist young earth creationist nutcase™ or pwjagwdyecn for short.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised that she is a global warming denialist, it fits perfectly with everything else I know about her.

Are you hot?  It seems like most of the global warning stories push harder when it is hot outside.  The stories don’t seem to have the same effect when it is freezing.  Let’s face it.  Very few of us are scientists.

Some of us are obviously less scientists than others.  The temperature here, in Ofallon, today, has very little impact on the GLOBAL TEMPERATURE over the course of A YEAR.  This may come as a surprise to you, but global warming has to do with, ya know, the whole Earth, which is actually bigger than St. Charles County.  In fact, it’s even bigger than all of Missouri.

It is a little bit intimidating for non-scientists to understand all of the basic science, numbers, and assumptions that form the many theories about global warming.

Here Cynthia, lets see if you can see the correlation between these graphs:

gw1.jpg gw2.gif

Notice how the temperature is going UP and the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is going UP at the same time.  Do you think they might be somehow related.  Now, we are pretty certain that increased temperature doesn’t cause more CO2 in the atmosphere, so do you think maybe CO2 in the atmosphere might be affecting the temperature instead.

How many of you remember the last half of 1999 when we were told that computers may stop working because they were not programmed with the ability to be Y2K compatible?  That is very similar to what we are being told about “Global Warming.”

Cynthia you moron, the reason Y2K was basically a non event, was NOT because the threat wasn’t real, it was because a whole bunch of people who understood the problem spent thousands of man hours digging through millions of lines of computer code to make sure that all of the date functions were switched to using the full date instead of a 2 digit date.  The only similarities to global warming is that the people who understand the problem can’t can’t solve it by themselves.  They need to convince incompetent politicians like yourself to enact the legislation necessary to prevent the problem from worsening.

As for the science itself, the debate is far from finished.

Cynthia, you seem to be a little confused about how science works.  It isn’t actually a debate.  Science is about interpreting data and creating theories that explain that data.  The theories allow us to make predictions, and if the predictions don’t hold, the theories are adjusted to make sure they explain the available data.

Now Cynthia, I know this doesn’t fit with your warped political and religious views, but Global Warming IS happening.  Evolution IS happening.  There is no debate in the scientific community about this.  There are discussions about some of the finer points about what contributes to Global Warming and to what effect and there are intricacies of evolution that are being investigated, but there is no debate that these things ARE happening.  Look at the charts again — global warming IS happening.

Cynthia goes on to give links to denialists websites and videos, including “Action Institute: Christians and Global Warming”.  WTF does Christianity have to do with Global Warming?

I prefer to get my science from, you know, scientists.  I find the National Science Foundation to be a good place to look for Science information.  They have over 2500 articles on Global Warming, in case you are interested.

4 thoughts on “Cynthia’s New Title

  1. A politician’s primary goal isn’t to serve the people, or make the nation a better place, or to protect people’s rights. It’s to stay in power. For your part of the country, pwjagwdyecn needs the support of brainwashed creationists. She needs money from companies that stand to lose if carbon limits are imposed. She’s spouting off what she needs to say to get votes and cash.

  2. I guess I’ve never considered the possibility that she is just a pandering political animal instead of a moron.

  3. And before anyone points it out, yes I am aware of the difference between correlation and causation, but in this case, the causation has been confirmed.

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