Friday – iPhone Random 10 + 1
and blog shorts

  1. Annie Get Your Gun (Squeeze)
  2. Good Feeling (Violent Femmes)
  3. Drive (REM)
  4. I Want You Now (Depeche Mode)
  5. Tonight She Comes (Cars)
  6. A Night Like This (Cure)
  7. Disturbance At The Heron House (REM)
  8. Footprints (Squeeze)
  9. Oh l’Amour (Erasure)
  10. Your Love (Outfield)
  11. Trust (7 Seconds)
  • Tina Fey was surprisingly effective in last night’s VP debate.  I still don’t want her as VP, but I could see her performance winning over some people.  I did laugh/snort thing when she said she was for woman’s rights.  The irony of someone saying they support woman’s rights when 24-48 hours earlier she told Couric she would be opposed to legalized abortions even in the case of incestuous rape of a 15 year old was way too much.  Of course if it really was Tina Fey, that may have explained the slip up.
  • Spammers have figured out how to use twitter.  Twitter notifies you via email when someone starts following you – the spammers use this to get you to look at their twitter site which links to their porn site, etc.
  • I may be battling AT&T shortly.  Brenda’s phone sucks, and both our 3G phones drop calls with high regularity.  As cool as the iPhone is, if it can’t make a phone call, I’m not interested in it.  I am attempting to swap out Brenda’s phone, but if AT&T gives me a hard time, I may turn in all 3 phones and give up.
  • My new computer refused to power up this morning, so I have that to deal with too.