Friday – iPhone Random 10 + 1
and blog shorts [mad libs version]

  1. [Verb] It (EMF)
  2. The [Adjective] Girl (The Cure)
  3. Sally (Gogol [noun])
  4. Anywhere’s [adjective] than here (The Replacements)
  5. Dead (They Might Be [plural nouns])
  6. Get Up ([abbreviation])
  7. Icing Sugar (The[noun])
  8. When I [verb] around ([adjective] Day)
  9. [Adjective] Offender (New Order)
  10. By My Side ([abbreviation])
  11. Sex[verb] (The Dresden [plural nouns])
  • My new [noun] should arrive back at the manufacturer today. They suspect a problem with the mother board.  Hopefully I will have it back early next week.
  • I’m maxed out on vacation hours again.  Looks like I need to [verb] a [noun] very soon. I had hoped to use a day to work on my [adjective] project, but without my [noun], that’s not very practical.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to NET what you GROSS, just for a month or two.