Weekend at a glance

  • We sold the swing set/fort/play house.  It was quite a task moving it from the backyard, up the hill, and onto the trailer.  A few of the bottom boards had rotted a bit, but in all, most of the wood was in pretty good shape, and the slide, etc were still in good shape.
  • Is it a sign of the end of the world that the Dow is in the low 8000’s,  the Rams won a game they were expected to lose and both Mizzou and Oklahoma lost games that they were expected to win all in under 24 hours?  Or is it just that the last time the Dow was this low the Tigers and Sooners sucked and the Rams didn’t?
  • I didn’t get the boat out this weekend.  I really wanted to, but Brenda was working.
  • I also didn’t get to take the larvae to Fright-fest at Six Flags.  I didn’t have the energy Saturday after the swing set move.

Monday Mosquito Eater

Today’s Monday Mosquito Eater comes from Sue Beatrice:


Click to see the full size version (the smaller picture doesn’t really do it justice).