Thursday’s practice plan:

  • Start with the passing game (I do this almost every practice — it get’s their heart pumping, and works on both passing and defense.  Split into two teams.  Girls can move without the ball, but with the ball they can only pivot and pass.) [ 5 minutes ]
  • Split into 3 groups: [10- 15 minutes]
    • Forwards in a two on two game under the basket.  Tell them to focus on making the first shot.  If they can’t score within 3 shots it’s a turnover and the other team inbounds from under the basket.
    • Wings playing a dribble/pass keep-away game
    • Point Guards work on dribbling while protecting the ball.  Work on off hand dribbling, changing pace, and getting around a defender.
    • Alternately wings work the same dribble drills with point guards.
  • Add 2 wings to the 2 – 2 game, giving them a wing option.  Point guards play a 2 on 2 dribble/passing game. [10 minutes]
  • Full scrimage [10+ minutes]
  • Sharks and Minnows – the girls seemed to enjoy this last practice.  focuses on dribbling and defense.  All girls get a ball.  There goal is to dribble back and forth across the gym.  If they lose the ball/get it knocked away, they become one of the sharks – I’m the first shark.   [rest of practice]