Friday – iPhone Random 10 + 1
With blog shorts

  1. Guiltiness (Bob Marley)
  2. Catch (Cure)
  3. Lee and Molly (Ziggy Marley)
  4. Burn Down The Sky (Finns)
  5. Masonic Funeral Music, K.477 (Mozart)
  6. Not Sleeping Around (Ned’s Atomic Dustbin)
  7. Rubber Ring (Smiths)
  8. Magic Touch (Plimsouls)
  9. Two and Two Make Five (Ned’s Atomic Dustbin)
  10. Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes)
  11. Girlfriend Is Better (Talking Heads)
  • Danielle’s basketball team, the Platypuses, has a double header tomorrow against the two teams we haven’t played yet.  Luckily I have a pretty deep bench, so they shouldn’t’ be TOO tired to play back to back games.  I’ll just have to make sure we slow the game down if the girls are looking tired.
  • I felt like an iPhone salesman yesterday as I was showing off all the features to one of Allison’s friend’s mom.  By the end of the conversation, she was thinking about buying one.