I got a completely different message than intended

When I saw this headline:

Pay-by-race bake sale at UC Berkeley still on

I figured it was to point out the inequality in wages based on race and gender – since white males tend to make more money, they could pay more at the bake sale.  Turns out that it was a bunch of white males whining that universities might consider race and gender in college applications.


Ya’ know, if you are a white male, chances are you were treated differently growing up and given more opportunities and a better education.    Just because your grades were a little better in high school and you did better on a standardized test, does not mean that you are smarter than someone who wasn’t given the same opportunities and treatment, and maybe some of those people deserve a chance to attend your school.  And you know what, that diversity in your school will give you a better education, because you will be challenged to look at some points of view you had never considered.



I think I need to start using my personal blog again – for thoughts that are too big for Facebook or that might be worth keeping, as well as for interesting things I read that I shouldn’t assume everyone else reads or knows about.

I haven’t decided if it will continue to include political rants – I could go off on each party nearly every day, and I’m not sure if that relieves the stress or makes it worse. I guess we’ll see as time goes on.