Conversation overheard at the donut shop this morning:

Little Boy to Donut Lady: This is kind of a rough area.
Dad: I think he’s talking about the road.
Little Boy: My dad should have brought his knife.

You never visit

Data suggests that no one ever visits this site but spammers.

How would you Gage this…

Justin Gage was one of my favorite Mizzou Basketball players. Hopefully Andrew Jones can have similar success as a spark off the bench.

The back-up tight end on the Missouri football team practiced with the team on Wednesday. MU Athletics spokesperson Chad Moller said a decision has not been made if Jones will permanently be a member of the Tigers’ men’s basketball team.

Nice analogy

I like this analogy.

Sometimes you don’t just have a hammer, you have an array of hammers. You have rock hammers, claw hammers, and sledge hammers, all in numerous sizes. You have a variety of wooden and rubber mallets too. You’ve even got a gavel. Because you have such an impressive collection of specialized hammers, y…