Conversation overheard at the donut shop this morning:

Little Boy to Donut Lady: This is kind of a rough area.
Dad: I think he’s talking about the road.
Little Boy: My dad should have brought his knife.

I Remember Those Days (Until Christmas)

Sounds like Jeffery Snover’s daughter is eager for Christmas to arrive.  She was wanting to know how many days she had left to wait, so of course he wrote her a PowerShell function so that she could always find out.

I called my daughter over to explain what a wonderful tool PowerShell was.  I explained that if she ever wanted to get the date, all she had to do was to type “Get-Date”.  I then explained how she could cast a string containing a date into a datetime object:  [Datetime]“12/25/2011″ .  She didn’t get that one so I quickly moved on to explain that the reason why that mattered is that PowerShell is … well … powerful and that it does something called “object math”.  Object math (the ability to perform mathematical operations on any object which supports them) made everyone’s life easier because that means you can do things like:
PS> [DateTime]“12/25/2011″ – (Get-Date)

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I can picture this same conversation playing out at my house a few years back, and the solution sounds like something I would do.  The conversation would probably go something like this –

  • One of my kids [Oomk] : Hey dad, how many days until Christmas?
  • Me: I don’t know, let’s figure it out.
  • Oomk: That’s alright, I just thought you might know.
  • Me: No problem, let’s fire up PowerShell and…
  • Oomk: Dad, there’s a calendar right here…
  • Me: …and let’s see, we can do date addition…
  • Oomk: … we can just count, it will only take a minute
  • Me: Yes, but then we will have to count every time, if we take the time to write a function now…

Spell check

work chat:

Ben V 2:51 PM
weird, I just expect spellcheck now wherever I type since it’s built into browsers
Jim H 2:51 PM
you use that word a lot. i do not think it means what you think it means
Yes, i expect inline spell check EVERYWHERE
but I usually test it by typing asdfasfd
If it squigles, life is good
Ben V 2:52 PM
no squiggles
Jim H 2:52 PM
I know – sukcs dusn’t it

Work Conversation

  • Eoff: Don’t tell me you’ve been sucked into the Twilight series
  • Me: I wouldn’t say sucked in, but they are okay reads.
  • Eoff: I know, I’m reading them two.  Have you read the second book yet?
  • Me: I’m about 2/3 of the way through it.
  • Eoff: Does she ever stop being fascinated by every mundane feature about Edward?
  • Eoff: His breath was like the ultimate perfume.
  • Eoff: He picked his nose with elegant proficiency.
  • Me: His buggers where the most fascinating sparkling shade of green…

work IM

  • ME [1:18 PM]: It’s probably about time that someone fixed this correctly
  • Coworker [1:18 PM]: i’m going to refer them to the XXXXXXXXXX option
  • Coworker  [1:18 PM]: i’m pretty sure we have a cr for this already
  • ME [1:18 PM]: I’m pretty sure too
  • ME [1:19 PM]: I’m thinking I either wrote it or bitched about it a bunch when it didn’t make the priority list
  • Coworker  [1:19 PM]: i’m sure its “hard”
  • Coworker [1:19 PM]: cough
  • ME  [1:19 PM]: yes
  • ME [1:20 PM]: especially since it worked correctly in the XXXXXXX world
  • Coworker [1:20 PM]: yes…
  • ME [1:20 PM]: this is why I try to remind myself not to get emotionally attached to the products…
  • ME [1:21 PM]: …because they always break your heart 😉
  • Coworker [1:21 PM]: plus, its just kinda freaky
  • Coworker [1:21 PM]: kind of like watching your daughter marry an expiring rapper
  • ME [1:22 PM]: umm
  • ME [1:22 PM]: huh?
  • Coworker [1:22 PM]: aspiring
  • Coworker [1:22 PM]: lol
  • ME [1:22 PM]: lol
  • ME [1:22 PM]: he might be expiring if he were marrying my daughter