In liue of hockey

No Hockey last night (Hopefully they kept the losing streak going) — Brenda had Bunko. Worse than that, she was hosting it.

So, to give her extra time to clean/get ready, I took the kids to Dairy Queen for dinner. Justin informs me that he wants a double cheese burger. I usually end up throwing away half of a regular burger, but I figure “heck, its only a buck and a half”, and we’ve been trying to put some weight on him (is it bad that he is weighs less the 1 pound per vertical inch?).

We were sitting there eating dinner when three 13ish year olds sit down next to us and see who can work the most curse words into a sentence. My kids normally absorb every conversation around them, so I’m waiting for one of them to start using their newly learned words.

After dinner (Justin actually ate most of the double cheese burger), we go into the play area. Like my kids, I have a problem not hearing what others around me are saying. Its not like I intentially do it. What’s worse, is that I have a tendency to join in to the conversation.

Anyway, this woman is talking to her children. She makes some gesture with her hand and says – “When I give this sign, it means its time to go.” Jim biting tongue – “And when I give this sign, I want you to steal the base, and this one means that the hit and run is on.”