Monday Mosquito Eater

This week’s Mosquito Eater is actually a Mosquito Eater – Eater.

I was not aware that Hornets were insectivores.  Learn something new every day… at least if you try.


Courtesy of Flickr.

Monday Mosquito Eater

Here is another close up of a Mosquito Eater, courtesy of Flickr.


Monday Mosquito Eater

Supposedly one of the biggest mosquito eaters is a little fish known as Gambusia.


These little fish eat lots of mosquito larvae.  It looks like you can buy them online if you have one of those little ponds in your yard.  I can’t guarantee they would survive here in Missouri though.

Monday Mosquito Eater

This weeks Mosquito Eater is the Blue Gnatcatcher (apparently it eats both gnats and mosquitos).


[source ]

Monday Mosquito Eater

This weeks Mosquito Eater is a more of a Mosquito Non-Eater.


No I didn’t say it taste like sheet, I said it taste like DEET.

[source]  There are some other mosquito comics there that I may have to repost here.