Monday Mosquito Eater

This weeks Mosquito Eater comes from Richard Grinnell.  In this case, it what is typically considered a Mosquito Eater, a.k.a Mosquito Hawk, a.k.a. Crane Fly.


And in case anyone is wondering, YES, I am trying to corner the market on the phrase “Mosquito Eater” in Google, etc.

Monday Mosquito Eater

Here is one from Flickr.  The person who took it was told it was a Mosquito Eater, but I think the consensus is that he got bad information.


Nice looking bug though.

Monday Mosquito Eater

It turns out that the term Mosquito Eater can be used for not only the “Mosquito Hawk” but for other items as well.

This week’s Monday Mosquito Eater comes from Husky Musher.  It is a carnivorous plant.