Marriage Equality

About 11 years ago, the state of Missouri added a constitutional amendment to declare marriage as between 1 man and 1 women. Although I’m struggling to find the post I made after that amendment was added, I had made a prediction that within 10 years the decision would be reversed and gay marriage would be legal everywhere. Looks like I missed it by 9 months, but I was closer on the state of Missouri – it was almost 10 years to the day.

I really wish I could find the original post. Oh well.

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Koch Brothers Study Confirms Global Warming (In Other News, Hell Froze Over)

I’m struggling to believe that a study funded by the Koch brothers would confirm global warming. That’s like a study funded by Soros showing that gay marriage really does destroy marriage between a man and a women.

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What makes you a citizen

So if someone lives in the US their entire life, but was born somewhere else – and doesn’t find out about it until they are in there twenties are they an American or not.  My earliest memories are from when I was about 3 or 4, so if my parents bought me off the streets of Germany, I wouldn’t know.  Sure I have a birth certificate I’ve seen, but that could be forged.

If I were sent there now, I wouldn’t speak the language and would have no knowledge of the norms or culture.  How about you – can you guarantee that you are what you think you are?  So what are your thoughts about this?

Nadia Habib is a star psychology student in her junior year at Stony Brook University in New York. She has no criminal record. Her Bangladeshi father, a Queens cab driver who’s lived in New York for 20 years, has a green card, and her three siblings are all U.S. citizens. But because Habib was 20 months old when her mother brought her to the U.S., both she and her mother are scheduled to be deported tomorrow.

Habib didn’t learn she was undocumented until she was in high school, and her mother has been seeking asylum for the two of them since then. Earlier this month, their final appeal was denied.

I got a completely different message than intended

When I saw this headline:

Pay-by-race bake sale at UC Berkeley still on

I figured it was to point out the inequality in wages based on race and gender – since white males tend to make more money, they could pay more at the bake sale.  Turns out that it was a bunch of white males whining that universities might consider race and gender in college applications.


Ya’ know, if you are a white male, chances are you were treated differently growing up and given more opportunities and a better education.    Just because your grades were a little better in high school and you did better on a standardized test, does not mean that you are smarter than someone who wasn’t given the same opportunities and treatment, and maybe some of those people deserve a chance to attend your school.  And you know what, that diversity in your school will give you a better education, because you will be challenged to look at some points of view you had never considered.