Are people from Iraq called Iraqnids (Irachnids)?

Iraq destroying missles…

I read on CNN that  Iraq has agreed to destroy its missles.  Anyone else wondering if they might do that by launching them at Isreal?

Economic Stimulus Plan

The Jim Hofer Economic Stimulus Plan 2002 —

  1. Job Creation
    • Currently when a company hires an employee, there is a significant amount of overhead involved above and beyond the employees salary.  My thought is, for the first year only, any new employees that a company hires, the company is not responsible for paying their portion of  FICA, Medicare, unemployment insurance etc (I haven’t done enough research to uncover all hidden Federal cost of hiring someone, but I believe these are accurate).  This would only be for employees above the companies current head count.  Since a number of these people are not currently paying into FICA anyway, this should not be a drain on Social Security.
  2. Airline Bailout
    • Giving the airlines money doesn’t help the economy.  Instead, purchase tickets on the airlines..  Include one roundtrip ticket for each dependant on your tax return from your closest major city to another major city of your choice (which you specify on your 1040).  Essentially you are giving each person a vacation.  On this vacation, they will be spending money in the target city, continuing to fuel the economy.
  3. Tax Rebates
    • If the government decides to give Tax rebates similar to the couple hundred dollar one we got last summer, they should be in the form of prepaid Visa cards.  This insures that the money is re-spent, and not used for paying bills or put into savings.

Comments Welcome.  Sponsored by the Jim Hofer for Congress – 2004 fund.

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Jurassic Park Axiom

“We spend so much time worrying about if we CAN do something that we never stop to ask ourselves if we SHOULD.”

Sounds like most of the places I’ve work. Besides, its much more fun to add a new feature than to make things work according to specs. I could go into specifics, but you never know who might be reading this…

In John O’s words, I think we need a few more curb feelers.

…Mud flaps would be nice too.


Are Bees and Ants communist or is it a dictatorship? The common thought is that they are communist, but you have this Fat Queen sitting around with people protecting her and bringing her food and lovers. If a new queen is born, it results in a coup or a split in the colony — doesn’t sound like looking out for the colony as a whole.


Allison (3) informed me that she wants everything on TV. At least she’s honest.