Hi – Ho – Kermit the frog here.

Kermit the Frog
You scored 50% Organization, 55% abstract, and 76% extroverted!
Here is why are you Kermit the Frog.

You are somewhat organized. You have a good idea where you put things and you probably keep your place reasonably clean. You aren’t totally obsessed with neatness though. Kermit is also reasonably tidy. He’ll even dress up for interviews.

You are sometimes concrete and sometimes abstract thinkers. Kermit spends a lot of his time as a reporter collecting facts, but he is also the author of the dreamy song “The Rainbow Connection.” You have a good balance in your life. You know when to be logical at times, but you also aren’t afraid to explore your dreams and desires… within limits of course.

You are extrovert. Kermit gets along with everyone. Sure a few folks annoy him, but that’s just because they are annoying. Kermit likes to meet new people when he does his job as a street reporter. You definitely enjoy the company of others, and you don’t have problems meeting new people… in fact you probably look forward to it. You are willing to take charge when necessary or work as part of a team.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Kermit starred on Sesame Street years before The Muppet Show.


The other possible characters are
Oscar the Grouch
Big Bird
Cookie Monster
The Count
Guy Smiley

Link: The Your SESAME STREET Persona Test

Here’s one for Brother Mike

…A beer quiz…

I am Samuel Adams
I am fairly easy to please when it comes to beer – as long as it’s not too cheap.
I tend to change favorite beers frequently, and I’m the type most likely to take a “beers of the world” tour.
When I get drunk, I’m fearless. I lose all of my inhibitions.
I’m just as likely to party with a group of strangers as I am to wake up in a very foreign place.

RPG Character test

70% Combativeness, 53% Sneakiness, 82% Intellect, 8% Spirituality
Dashing and multi-talented: You are a Bard!
A decent warriors, reasonable spell-caster, and fairly good at tricking people, the Bard is the jack of all trades. These charming fellows live by their wits, though a sharp blade, a few spells, and some lockpicks never hurt.
Smart, sneaky, and aggressive, you’re probably good at most things you try. You don’t have much need for spirituality or superstition and are much more likely to live in the here and now… and if you can get some fun and profit out of the here and now, even better.
My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 76% on Combativeness
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You scored higher than 87% on Sneakiness
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You scored higher than 70% on Intellect
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You scored higher than 0% on Spirituality

Link: The RPG Class Test written by MFlowers on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

A Dinner Party

In response to Frank:

Suppose that you can give a dinner party and have ten guests from any time in history. Who would who select and why? You can’t use fictional characters. Here’s my list:

  1. Albert Einstien – smartest man ever but doesn’t look like he takes himself too seriously.
  2. Mozart – If he is anything like in the movie Amadeous (sp?), I think he would be a blast to have around (it is a party afterall).  Plus I like his music.
  3. Wayne Gretzky – greatest hockey player ever.  Maybe he could give me some tips (like keep your day job).
  4. Bill Gates – Hopefully he would pick up the dinner tab.  Plus, he has a daughter Justin’s age – perhaps an arranged marriage???  Plus, that way I wouldn’t be the biggest computer geek there.
  5. Rene(sp?)  Descartes – favorite mathmatician, plus then I could as him if he wanted a drink, he would eventually say “I think not”, and I could see if he really disappeared.
  6. J.K. Rowling – maybe I could get on a pre-release list for future Harry Potter novels.
  7. J.R.R Tolkien – It took forcing myself to read his books 3 or 4 times before I became a fan, but since his work influenced so many of the books I now read, …
  8. Martin Gore – I’ve always been a big Depeche Mode fan.  Perhaps once I got Mozart off the piano, I could get him to play Somebody (maybe even give me a copy of the music).
  9. Bobby Fischer – after he kicks my ass in a game of chess, I would have him play against Einstien.
  10. Reserved:  If the whole party is only me + 10 people, I would want either a family member or friend to experience this with me.