Cat for sale

I came across this ad for a cat.

Worthless Cat

It’s tempting, but I already have too many animals in my house.

Popular Toy

I’ve always wondered why Harry Potter was so popular with women and girls of all ages –


This might also explain why so many girls play Quidditch.

[ source]

Ice Cream Eating



9 Clock


Here’s an interesting clock I stumbled across, but forgot to take down the URL (oops).

In case you are wondering, the math does all work out. I especially like the square root of nine factorial minus nine over nine and nine minus the square root of nine plus point nine repeating.

REPOST NOTE: It only seemed appropriate to change the post time for this to 9/9/(09-√9 + 9/9)

Stacking the deck


Now THAT is what I call a card house.  The creators web site contains a gallery of his work and describes how he does it.  It is pretty amazing stuff.

Not surprisingly, I was trying to show Danielle how to build a card house the other day, and I was showing her the same basic grid technique that is at the heart of these creations.