O’fallon Restaurants

  • Italian
    • Rizzo’s (Mexico Road – West of HWY K) [haven’t been in ages]
      • Best family owned Italian food. The salad is great. I would eat there more, but it’s a bit of a drive for me.
  • Pizza
    • Pirrone’s (Hwy 79/Salt Lick – right off Highway 70) – Authentic St. Louis Style Pizza
  • Mexican
    • There are 2 Mexican places on every corner.
  • Chinese
    • Green China – Salt Lick Road – the rest pretty much suck.
  • Japanese / Sushi
    • Kitaro, but bring a fat wallet. Also has Hibachi.
    • Place on Mexico Road near K is decent carry out sushi
    • Or go to Yagu in Chesterfield Valley (that’s what we usually do).
  • Thai
    • Thai Kitchen in St. Peters – east of the RecPlex –  is probably best bet.  There are several on Hwy K, but haven’t been impressed.
  • Frozen Custard
    • Fritz’s (as if you didn’t know)
  • Steak House
    • Texas Roadhouse (by the Home Depot)
  • Indian
    • There is a place on Hwy K that keeps changing names – it is north of Hwy N on East side.
  • Greek
    • There are a couple now, but haven’t tried them yet.
  • Barbeque
    • Ethel’s Smoke house — The only down side is there is both the smoke they cook with and the cigarette kind, although if you go early enough, this isn’t a problem.
  • Wings
    • Buffalo Wild Wings – lots of variety
    • Show Me’s – the views nice, and it’s right by Fritz’s
    • Matteson Square Garden (where I play hockey) — I haven’t had them in a while, but the last time I did, they were great.

Originally posted 10/3/2005.
Last updated: Oct 10, 2011

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